Jul 13

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During the Vietnam war, US aircraft flew over the jungles of that country spraying the dense vegetation with the chemical “agent orange.” The idea was to kill the plants which would take away the native’s advantage in their jungle battle tactics. Sadly, it is told, agent orange was sprayed upon some of our own troops as they were in the fields, resulting in subsequent and serious physical problems. Truly this is a horrible tragedy–to use something which is thought to be harmless, but all the while is gradually being absorbed and ensuring tremendous ailments and destruction.
Today there is another “agent orange” being applied to people and is doing far greater damage. It too is thought to be harmless, yea, even beneficial. The agent? Ungodly, destructive philosophies of men. The means of application? The camouflaged “classrooms” of life.
When brother Thomas Warren was preparing himself to challenge atheistic philosophers in debate, he went to obtain the doctor of philosophy at Vanderbilt University. To his surprise, most of the students did not intend to become philosophers, but rather writers for the mass media of entertainment Those brilliant minds were studying the ungodly philosophies of men and becoming writers of this nation’s television shows, movies, books and songs! Thus, as the people of this nation watch sit-coms, dramas, talk-shows and movies, and sing-a-long with the radio and CD’s, we are being taught the philosophies of man by means of these “classrooms.”
Brother Bill Nick, commenting upon the recent radical change in theater, music and literature, wrote, “Behind all of this is a departure from the normative standards of the Bible, and a glorification of philosophies of men.” He goes on to list some of the philosophies: “Rooted in the secular existentialism of Sartre, Jasper, Huxley and Heidegger, and the religious existentialism of Barth, Brunner, Tillich and Niebuhr….” 1
Regarding this writing of philosophy into the books and movies, Francis Schaeffer stated, “The really dangerous thing is that our people are being taught this modern 20th Century morality without being able to understand what is happening to them.” 2
Brethren, the individual Christian, the church and our nation need to realize that TV and other mass media contain a deeper and far greater danger than the obvious language, violence and nudity. They contain and are indoctrinating us with the philosophies of men—ungodly systems of values by which one lives. And if the success of this ploy is doubted, one only needs to reflect upon the change in the moral character and values of our country these past recent years.
May at least WE be wise to this matter and VERY selective as to what is watched, read and heard. May our God help us to warn others.

Gary Henson
“Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy…” Co. 2:8

1Bill Nicks, “The Movies.” Editor, Thomas Eaves, Living Soberly, Righteously And Godly, page 179.
2Francis Schaeffer, Escape From Reason, page 65.

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