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The Oklahoma City School of Biblical Studies is designed to prepare men to be leaders in the Lord’s church (elders, preachers, deacons, teachers, etc.) and women to serve in the church (teachers, etc.). The curriculum is Bible-centered and is designed to prepare the student to become an independent student of the word of God. It is the intention of the faculty at OKCSBS that our students should not be taught “what to believe” but “how to learn from the Scriptures the will of God.”

The full-time curriculum consists of four years of classes, Tuesday nights each week. Students seeking advanced options may choose to attend extra courses in Greek and other subjects. Also, part-time or audit students may choose to just take one course each week at their convenience.

By stretching the course-work out into a four-year format there is a greater maturation in the learning process than in two-year programs. In addition, students can take advantage of our night schedule by continuing in secular work without needing to raise support from the church. By offering a schedule that fits people’s busy lives, we allow our students to immediately increase their usefulness in local congregations.

The school is supported by sister congregations and individuals.

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