Jan 25

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Yes, at first it may appear to be a little late to be writing about Christmas, as we are in the month of January. However, this is the right time; the emotions of the debate have cooled; therefore, cooler heads may be able to think about the subject more clearly.
Each year it appears there is an attempt to remove “Christ” from Christmas. Business folks are encouraged to greet customers with a “Happy Holidays,” and not with the common words, “Merry Christmas.” However, the debate is much larger than Christmas. There are some who desire to remove Christianity from the public square. Therefore, to take Christ out of Christmas is just one small step, but this is not the only objective!
First, a study of the word “Christmas” is in order. It is a compound word, meaning “Christ’s Mass;” the “Mass of Christ.” It is Catholic in origin and was first used, according to the best information found, in 1038. This means, “Christmas” has no part in Christianity, as all that is of Christianity was completely revealed when the New Testament was completed (1 Cor. 13:8-10). After more than forty years of study, it is my opinion that all the New Testament books were written before the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 A. D. Just a little food for thought, the prophecy of the destruction of Jerusalem is a major point in the teaching which Jesus did, recorded in Matthew 24, Mark 13, and Luke 21; (Also in the Old Testament, Dan. 9:26-27) and, referred to in a number the other books. If not one New Testament writer referred to the destruction of Jerusalem in the past tense; as an event which had already happened, is this not evidence that the event had not taken place?! All the New Testament books were written before the destruction of Jerusalem and nothing which came after this is part of Christianity. “Christmas” is not part of the New Testament, having no part in Christianity! Therefore, Christ was never in Christmas in the first place.
Second, it is generally understood, “Christmas” is regarded and celebrated as the birth of Jesus. Much of the world celebrates the birth of Jesus on December 25th, but for more than 300 year after the completion of the New Testament, it was not so. The best evidence found shows the first time the birth of Jesus was celebrated on December 25th, was in A.D. 336. So, what does this mean? It means the celebration of the birth of Jesus, as in “Christmas,” has no part in New Testament Christianity. It is generally admitted that no one really knows the date of Jesus’ birth. It was a sixth century monk, Dionysus Exiguss, who dated all history from December 25th, the year of our Lord  1. On the other hand, others have identified mid-November to late March as the birthday of Jesus. However, the most important evidence comes from the New Testament itself. Luke covers the birth of Jesus more than any other New Testament writer, but Luke, writing by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, never gives a date for the birth of Jesus. It should be noted, no where, nor at any time, did the early church (thus, Christians) celebrate the birth of Jesus. Therefore, the celebration of the birth of Jesus, as in “Christmas,” has no part of Christianity!
Yet, it is troubling to see people try to take “Christ” out of Christmas; when in fact, “Christ” has never been in Christmas! The reason for this concern is that it is a much larger subject. It is not that people are trying to take “Christ” out of Christmas that is so troubling; no, they are trying to remove Christ, to remove God, thus, Christianity all together out of America! It was June 17, 1963 that the Supreme Court of the United States ruled, with an overwhelming majority (8 to 1) that Bible reading and prayer in school were unconstitutional and with this, the battle was on: God must go! Here is a good question: “Just what religion is established in the reading of the Bible?” If one reads the Old Testament, is Judaism established? If one reads the New Testament, is Christianity established? In reading the Bible is any one denomination, such as the Baptist, the Methodist, the Lutheran, or the Presbyterian, church established? Then, there is this question: in the reading the Bible is the Southern Baptist, First Baptists, the Missionary Baptist, Landmark Baptist, or the Free Will Baptist, church established? It should be easy to understand that reading the Bible does not establish Judaism, nor Christianity, neither does it establish any one of the many denominational churches.
Has America become a better nation through the years that have followed the above ruling by the Supreme Court? Will America improve if we take Christ out of “Christmas?” Be assured, big business does not desire to remove Christmas; as this is their biggest money making time of the year. So, it is not Christmas that businesses, which only give in to the “screeching” of the anti-religion folks, are seeking to remove; even if they desire to remove Christ from Christmas. However, if it is possible, at some point in time, to remove Christ from Christmas, what would be left? A secular meaningless “Holiday” having no root in anything! What kind of “Holiday” would it be?

— Frank R. Williams

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