Jan 27

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The Compliments of Christ

“Compliment,” as defined by Webster’s is “an expression of esteem, respect, affection, or admiration; esp: a flattering remark.”
The Bible makes clear that the compliments of a flatterer are nothing. In a condemning manner, the Psalmist remarked that the wicked “flatter with their tongue” (Psa. 5:9; Cf. I Thess. 2:5).
However, Jesus never issued a vain compliment for He was perfect (I Jn. 3:5) and He knew what was in man (Jn. 2:25). Thus, we can learn from the compliments which He gave to others (who can be examples to us).
Compliment #1. Jesus complimented Nathaniel for his guilelessness (Jn. 1:47). Although the Jews were God’s chosen people, they had (under the guise of appearing devout) become quite corrupt by “changing” God’s laws to fit how they wanted to serve God (Mt. 15:9). Yet, in the midst of such people, was one who was without deceit, fraud and hypocrisy. Let us dare to be such in our time.
Compliment #2. Jesus complimented the Roman Centurion for his great faith (Matt. 8: 5-10). The stress which the Bible puts upon the role of faith is immense (Heb. 11; Rom. 3:25; etc.). This centurion was not even a Jew, yet, Jesus said that his faith was greater than He had found in Israel. Let it not be said of you that the faith of someone in denominationalism is greater than yours.
Compliment #3. Jesus complimented the poverty stricken widow for her liberality (Mk. 12:41-44). As Jesus “called unto him his disciples” (v.43) to observe her example, so does He call His disciples today to learn about giving of oneself first.
While it is nice to be complimented by others, what a special honor these three had by being complimented by the Lord Himself! However, if you are one without guile, and/or who gives of yourself–would you no less receive the same compliment?

Think on these things.

Gary Henson

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