May 20

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“The Perfect Earth”

If, before the Earth had been created, God asked you how it should be designed, would you have not suggested some (or all) of the following?

1. It should not have death nor pain.
2. It should not have sorrow.
3. It should not contain any wickedness.
4. There should not be any darkness.
5. It should be a glorious place.
6. It should be a place of joy.
7. It should be a place of rest.

If these would have been your suggestions, then God would have been creating, not earth, but heaven. [Notice these verses which correspond to the above seven “suggestions: 1). Rev. 21:4; 2). Rev. 21:14; 3). Rev. 22:15; 4). Rev. 22:5; 5). Col. 3;4; 6). Mt. 25:21; 7). Rev. 14:13.]

We can see two points in this. First, God did not intend for the earth to be heaven. It was not designed to be a “bed of roses.” Rather, it was designed to be a place of testing souls. (Deut. 8:1,2; Rev. 2:10). Thus, we must not look for heaven on earth, but we must look for heaven while on earth!

Second, the above suggestions of the “perfect earth” indicate man’s longing for such a place. Such longings indicate that any who go there will thoroughly enjoy it.

Anyone can attain his “perfect earth” if he but only obey God while on this earth. (Heb. 5:9).

Gary Henson

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