Oct 20

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According to Young’s Analytical Concordance, the word “reward” occurs thirty times in the New Testament as it is translated from three different Greek words.

In reading these verses, it becomes easily obvious that the faithful Christian’s reward is heaven. In Mathew 5:10-12, those who are persecuted for doing that which is right shall have their reward in heaven. When Jesus comes in His glory, “then He shall reward every man” (Mat.16:27 cf., Col. 3:24; Mat. 6:1-6, 16-18; Mat. 10:41-42 with 25:35).

Yet, the Bible speaks of a secondary reward. It is the reward of inner pleasure that comes from doing that which is right and helpful to others (1 Cor. 3:8-15; 9:16-18).

May we as Christians (1) seek, (2) be motivated by, and (3) seek to motivate others unto good works by these two authorized rewards (for we are not to go beyond what is authorized, Col. 3:17). May we never act nor urge others to act in order to be seen of and receive the glory of men (Mat. 6:1-6). May we never act nor urge others to act with the expectation of receiving a reward (other than the above two authorized rewards) in return (Luke 6:32-35).

We may give appreciation to the worthy (Rom. 13:7), but such is not solicited by the worker nor an incentive of the appreciator.

May we diligently work in humbleness (Col. 3:12), allowing our works to glorify God (not self) (Mat. 5:16), while looking for the reward as promised by Jesus: “And, behold, I come quickly and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be” (Rev. 22:12.

Gary Henson

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