Aug 06

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The above words are fully above my “pay” scale but just a little light that shines on it might be helpful. I am sure, that you have thought about this major problem in today’s world. There is not a day that goes by, that someone has not killed another. First, is there a reason for this badness, for this insanity? Why does a ‘man’ murder another?”
We live in a world that is filled with murders, with homicides, which are in every “news” report; it may even be a family member but it is reported where someone has killed another. Many times, this news report is of someone they know, or someone that they work with. lt is in the evening news where someone has murdered a “friend,” In other words, no one, no relationship is beyond the age of being too old or too young, to be murdered. Now, get this, one or two men go into a house and kill the whole family which includes a baby! Not all of these murders use a gun though many times it is a gun! But we need to be aware that other items are used to murder!
Second, let us now address the subject: “Why do men kill each other?” murder is a much better word than “kill” as in some cases the “killing” is justified. If someone breaks into your house, you have the right to kill them and it should not be called “murder.” The word “murder” is used when the killing is not justified! It generally helps any study to use the best words in such a study! It is also best to use Bible words when addressing a Bible subject. This is the case of God’s words on the subject as used in the ten commandments, where Moses wrote: “Thou shall not kill” as in what is generally called the “ten commandments” as though God only gave ten commandments to Isreal. Nevertheless, the state has the right to put a person to death who has murdered another. Such action is not murder!
So, why do some people murder another human being? It is not all the case that so many murdered so many others. Every weekend brings on more murders than is reported during the week. Such murders included babies who have not done anything to anyone. The simple answer to why some people murder others is that they do not respect human life. Human life is not the same thing as bug life! We step on bugs nearly every day and such a person would never even think of murdering a human being! However, some people have grown to think that killing a human is no more than murdering a bug! Why such thinking?
May the “reason” be that so many humans are murdering others, because they have been taught that all life is of equal value? If we came from the same thing that “monkey” came from, if we would kill a “monkey,” then we can murder a human being. After all, just look at “monkey” and the likeness to humankind! They are, after all, related to us, they just did not grow into humans! Yes, this is what has been taught in our schools for years. Of course, such teaching is not done by all teachers but some.
This is called evolution! In the animal world, it is the “survival of the fittest” The stronger the animal, the bigger the creature, more likely is it to kill the smallest. We see this all the time in the animal world; the bigger or the fastest may kill the slowest, the biggest may kill the smallest. If evolution is true then this is the way humankind would also be! Just look at our streets and cities is this not what we see and hear of every weekend? There is no guilt, no tears, it is just the one who is willing to murder and who has the biggest gun, or who has the largest gang murdering the smaller gang!
It may also be the case, that evolution has taken the reason for living out of the equation. The Christian believes that all human life is equal; no one person is more important than another; that is, unless we are looking at “money” and “power” are our rule for living. As sad as this may sound, I fear that some humans think in such terms!
If a person would abuse another, would this person think, that he has the right to take the life of another? We may be seeing the results of teaching evolution!! This article is written to produce thought in the mind of the reader!

Frank R. Williams

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