Apr 16

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It has been said, that time has a way of getting away from you. This is truly the case with the “27th Annual Oklahoma City Lectures!” Of course, some of us have been working on it for nearly a year and a year is: 365 days! It did take us some time to get our theme and the subjects put together; then, there were the speakers to line up. It is generally the case that some contacted are unable to speak, due to one reason or another; so new speakers are looked for. We are always looking for one or two new speakers each year as we keep reaching out to other congregations. This was the case this year!
Unlike in years past, no speakers had to drop out somewhere during the course of preparing the lesson. This was a great relief to the lectureship director! Each lectureship has its own problems, however! Someone’s computer stops working, or there is internet problems; therefore, there are problems in getting the manuscripts to us; and this happened this year but each was a little different. One was able to use a second speaker’s computer as he was nearby; while the second one had his daughter type his lesson into her computer and send it to us. Now this may sound easy, but it was not, as the daughter lives in another state! She went to visit her father, typed his hand-written notes into her computer, then, sent it to us. And you thought getting the lectureship lessons was easy! Well, this is not all. There is always one or two who are always late getting their manuscript to us late. By “late,” I don’t mean the last day allowed, I mean a week after the last day allowed. This is why the director may appear to be walking a “tight rope” for the last few weeks!
It is time to look at what is needed to be done in the remaining time! Ads will be printed so you can give and mail out to your family members and friends. Sorry that we are late in getting the ads prepared. Without writing the reasons for our being late, it is understood that the Barnes congregation is fully aware of the reason; therefore, space will not be used here for such. Confidence is placed in the members of the Barnes church that you will do your best to get the word out that we are having the “27th Annual Oklahoma City Lectures” on April 28th – May 1st.” That we have twelve speakers, who will cover twelves subjects related to our theme: “Attacks against the Bible!”
The purpose of this lectureship is: “… to point out the dishonesty, the foolishness, and the ignorance of those who reject the Bible as the inspired word of God, as they make their so-called claims to prove the Bible is full of contradictions and errors, and that it was written by humans in an ignorant, superstitious and a cruel age.” If you search the internet, you will learn that the charges being made against the Bible, for the most part, fall within the words used in our theme! It is not uncommon for such people to take the words they use out of context, then, try to cover themselves, by saying: “Don’t charge me with taking the words out of context.” In other words, they know what they have done!
Now back to the time factor! Ladies, as we have always done, we will have two lunches during the lectureship; 1) the first one on Saturday at 11:30 A.M. and 2) the second one on Sunday at 11:30 A.M. No effort will be made to “micromanage” your work, as you have always done a great job in this area! Please talk it over, work it out among yourselves; and if you need help, just let the elders know. The hospitality of the Barnes congregation is well known and its largely due to our lovely ladies! Allow me to be so brave as to thank you beforehand!
Now to the men, we have always given Mark and Barbara Mills a hand in getting the building ready for our visitors who will join us during the lectureship. Jerry Gore, one of the elders, generally addresses this subject the Wednesday night just before the starting date: Thursday, April 28th.
Finally, there is the subject of song leaders. Dewayne Ashford and John Bellah who serve the Barnes congregation as song leaders have worked this out in the past. Therefore, no reason for change this year. You can keep an eye open for a visiting song leader, you might call upon.

—Frank R. Williams

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