Apr 09

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A public toilet may not be thought of as being a subject for a “church” bulletin article, but we are living in a strange time. Just to get the subject before you, the common toilet has been called: a bathroom, restroom, latrine, comfort room, powder room, toilet room, washroom, water closet, and public lavatory through the years and this list is not complete. For most of us, it would seem that this subject would not need much attention in a highly educated world. However, this is simply not the case!
As you were growing up, and it does not matter when in the past 200 years it was, if there were public restrooms, more than likely, they were clearly marked by gender: male and female. Through the years the signs may have changed, as we have gone from words: ladies and gentleman, to signs depicting a woman and a man. It was understood that women had the right to privacy and safety. So with young children, the thought being, no young girl should ever have to be concerned about going into a restroom only to find a man standing before her! The same being true with a young boy, he should never have to be concerned about finding a woman in the restroom! However, we are living in very strange times!
Now it is understood that we have had “unisex” restrooms for years. These are restrooms used by both men and women, but not at the same time! We have a sign to let it be known that a restroom is so used. Generally, these “unisex” restrooms are found in small businesses and they have not been a problem. However, in larger business, such as McDonald’s or Subway, more than likely, you will find two restrooms; one marked male and the other female. This may be done with symbol signs. One reason this is done is so children, or others who cannot read, may be able to know which door to use.
However, today we have some among us who are not sure about their gender! They were born male or female, but at some point in their life they have become confused and they now believe they are no longer male, but female; and no longer female, but male. Not only this, but they desire to put their confusion on the rest of us! Some of those who were born males, who now believe they are females, desire to use the restroom marked female! Here is what happens! A mother sends her daughter to the restroom in a public place like Lowe’s Home Improvement, thinking she is safe, but the daughter comes running out crying, saying: “There’s a man in there! There’s a man in there!” The same thing can happen in the reverse with a young boy.
We have sympathy for anyone who truly has such mental confusion! However, physical reality is just that, physical reality! There should be no desire to force this confusion, this mental anxiety with all its problems, upon others! However, this is not the case with some. Recently North Carolina passed a bill to protect the privacy of individuals, barring men from going into ladies restrooms, locker rooms, and other facilities that have separate facilities for each gender. A number of national companies have threatened North Carolina with economic retaliation, demanding that the state be “Politically Correct” by allowing men, who “think” they are female into restrooms marked “female.” We are fast moving to a time when all restrooms will be “unisex” at all times; men and women in the same restrooms at the same time!
Yes, it is true, we have “THE: ‘I’AM NOT SURE FOLKS!” among us! However, let us remember, that “God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them” (Gen. 1:27). The “fact” that some maybe confused, for whatever reason, does not change the reality; God created two genders: male and female! All the confusion in the world does not change this physical reality!
— Frank R. Williams

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