Jun 28

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The letter entitled, Hebrews, was written to Christians who had been converted from the Jewish religion. These Christians were beginning to cast their eyes back toward Judaism, and away from Christianity. After all, heavenly angels had a hand in revealing Judaism; the incomparable Moses was its mediator; legendary Joshua conquered their land of rest; and honorable Aaron initiated the high priesthood. Yes, Judaism was certainly tempting—especially since it had long been their way of life. To them, Christianity was new, uncomfortable, unglamorous.
However, their problem was: they had either never heard, or had never understood, or had forgotten what the letter of Hebrews was about to tell them. True, angels helped in revealing Judaism (2:2), but they were only servants whereas Jesus was the Son of God (1:5-14). Thus, as a revealer of religion, Christ is superior (1:4). So why go back?! (2:1) . Yes, Moses was the great mediator of Judaism, but he too was only a servant in the house of Jesus (3:5-6). Thus, as a mediator, Jesus is superior (3:3). So why go back?! (3:12). Yes, Joshua conquered and delivered unto them their promised land of rest, but even Joshua spoke of a greater rest (4:8) that came by Jesus (4:3). Thus, as a provider of rest, Jesus is superior. So why go back?! (4:11). Yes, Aaron and his descendants served as high priests, but Jesus is the high priest with a better priestly order (7:1-28), a more excellent ministry (8:1-13), a greater and perfect tabernacle (9:1- 28), and a much better sacrifice (10:1-18). Thus, as a high priest, Jesus is superior. So why go back?! (4:14). Yes, why go back to that which was vastly inferior?!!
It is easy for us, is it not, to shake our heads in bewilderment at these Christians for leaving the inexhaustible riches and blessings of Christ for the death-inducing, unforgiving, miserable way of their former life. Yet. Does God shake His head in bewilderment when we miss the point and become those “Hebrew-like Christians” of today? Do we, in like manner, cast our eyes back to a former way of life: the world? denominationalism? philosophies? Have we never heard, or have we never understood, or have we forgotten that Jesus and the life that He offers now on earth as well as in eternity is far, far superior than that which we previously had? So why? Why ever go back?!
Brethren, “let us hold fast the profession of our faith without wavering…we are not of them who draw back unto perdition; but of them that believe to the saving of the soul” (10:23,39).
Gary Henson

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