Nov 03

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There is no doubt that miracles had been performed in centuries past. Jesus calmed the storm, walked on water, raised the dead. His disciples healed the blind, the deaf and the lame. Yes, miracles have certainly occurred. Yet, there are those today who claim that miracles can still be performed. Is this so? Does God still work miracles through His children? A careful examination of the Scriptures yields a reply of “no.” The miracles were to cease when that which was perfect came (1Cor. 13:8-13). The perfect which came was the completed, twenty- seven books of the New Testament (Rom 12:2; Jas. 1:25). Thus, miracles, which were to confirm the word (Mark 16:20), upon having completed its intention, ceased.
Furthermore, one only needs to compare the miracles as performed by Jesus and the early disciples with the “miracles” which are claimed today in order to see that the “miracles” today are not the miracles then (Acts 8:6-13). (1) The miracles then occurred instantaneous (Mat. 8:3,15; 9:27-30), whereas the “miracles” today take time to work. The sick are told they may not be able to walk, hear or see perfectly just yet, but their condition is improving. (2) With the miracles then, faith was not always required on the part of the one or whom the miracle was performed (John 11:39 [Lazarus was dead]; Acts 13:11-12). Yet, today, if the “miracle” does not work, the “healer” escapes the embarrassment by rebuking the patient for having too little faith. (3) Jesus healed all who came to him (Mat. 4:23-24; 8:16), but “healers” today have men who screen out those who have obvious handicaps (a missing leg) of which an assumed healing cannot be faked. (4) Miracles then healed real organic diseases (Act 3:2), but miracles today will gladly “heal” mere functional disorders. (5) Miracles then were always in the open public for all to behold (Matt 12:9, 13-14; Acts 3:16). Yet, when you talk to those who believe in miracles today, you are told of amazing miracles which always occur elsewhere in some remote area. (6) Miracles of Jesus and the early disciples were even acknowledged by their enemies (Mat. 12:13-14, 24; Acts 4:16), but “miracles” today are denied by even indifferent medical doctors. (7) Miracles then were not used to make money (Acts 3:6), but today the request to send money is the message. (8) Miracles then were used to support the truth (Heb. 2:3-4). Today, the “miracles” are used to support false doctrine.
Truly, when miracles then are compared with “miracles” today, it is easy to see that they are not the same. The miracles of Jesus were truly supernatural events, whereas that which is done today is a conglomeration of smooth talk, cover-up, deception and tricks of magicians.
Miracles then and “miracles” today—there is no comparison.

Gary Henson

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